6 reasons why your business should have a website

Should My Business Have A Website?

I have been asked this question by many clients, and I always answer with “yes, your business could greatly benefit from a website”. 

Look how our behaviour has changed over time to adapt to modern technology.  We no longer pick up the Yellow pages and look for a plumber to phone, we go to Google and search “plumber near me”.

Nowadays, most customers will make a decision on whether they will visit your place of business, buy your product or get in touch with you based on information they can find online about you.  For example, If you are deciding between two restaurants, do you look ahead to check out the menu, the opening hours or reviews? I know I do.

We live in a Digital era where an online address is just as important as a physical address for most businesses. Therefore, a website will not only help you attract customers but stay ahead of your competitors.

What Are The Advantages To Having Your Own Website?

1. A Website Helps Your Business
Look Professional

Having a website gives your business credibility & helps you look professional, therefore creates a good first impression to a potential customer. 

First impressions count, and a website is a great way to introduce your business. Your website is also the perfect place to show off any professional certifications or awards your business has.

2. A Website Helps Your Business
Get Found On Google

Having a website helps you get found on Google. If someone is searching for a product or service, and  if your website is ranked on google then you are more likely to be listed and as a result gain customers.

For example, if I was looking for a Web designer in Northern Ireland, I would go to Google and type in  “Web Designers Northern Ireland”.  My search result will list companies with websites that are optimised with good content of “Web Design Northern Ireland”.

This is why SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is important in any website, it can help increase your customer base. 

3. A Website Allows You To Showcase
Your Products Or Services

A website allows you to sell products online, as a result this can increase your revenue hugely. Products are available online 24/7 to your customers and potential new customers. 

A website is also a great place to promote your products and services with professional photos and full details. Therefore, it can save you money, eliminating the need of printed brochures, which come with high design & printing prices. A website will also have a quicker turnaround time and be far easier to amend. For example if you discontinue a product or service, delete the product from your website within minutes, thus no need to pay for a new brochure to be printed.

A website allows you to share information on sales, updates, events and much more in a quick, low cost and effective way that is available to view 24/7.

4. A Website Can Builds Trust
With Customers

People tend to trust business who have websites. 

Your website can also show testimonials, accreditations and reviews. This acts as social proof that demonstrates that you can, have and will deliver on the promises made regarding your products or services. I include testimonials on my Home page for this reason.

Customers can also judge your credibility based on your website design, this is why it’s so important to have modern, up to date and a fully responsive website.

5. A Website Can Help Grow Your
Brand & Customers

A website gives you opportunity to Showcase your brand to your prospective customers. By clearly establishing who you are, what you represent and what you stand for, you increase the chances of your customers buying from you. 

Customers are vital to keep your business going, and a professional website can help you gain more customers.  It gives you the perfect opportunity to show the world why your business, your product or your service is the best, therefore helping you stand out from your competition.

A Website is also great to keep existing clients in the loop allowing them to see latest news, offers and much more 24/7. 

You can connect your website address to your social media accounts, business cards and much more.

6. A Website Is Time Saving
& Efficient

A Website is great place to display important information such as your services, opening hours, menus, FAQ, location and much more. Having information on your website helps reduce amount of calls with questions you or your staff may receive.

for example, on my Web Design Page I clearly state my web design packages for businesses with prices and list of frequently asked questions. This helps potential customers find out useful information without having to call me, therefore helping them decide if I am right for them.

People want information fast, A well designed website with good navigation will cater for this.

In conclusion, it is without a doubt, a website can help your business reach a greater number of potential customers and opportunities. Having an online presence, regardless of industry, can have a massive impact on your business success.

There are many options open to creating your business website in todays world, and most are not as costly as they used to be. There are many platforms including Wix, Squarespace and WordPress (my favourite).  You can also hire a Web Designer, who can create a professional website that works with your goals and brand.

But remember, it not only important to have a website, but to have a website that is well designed. It should be fully responsive, thus meaning it looks great on desktops, laptops, mobiles and tablets. You also want a website that is designed with great user experience, navigation and SEO.

Need An Affordable Website For Your Business?

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