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Download Your Free Social Media Content Planner & get planning

Planning content for your social media platforms may seem like a lot of effort, but it is time well spent, it will help you stay focused and get results.  

Helping you to post consistently, saving you time during the month, ensure you remember important dates and helping you track what works with your audience.

free downloadable blank content calendar

Download this calendar and fill in the gaps to create ideas for your content.

Tip- Using one content idea could be reposted to all your social media platforms. eg. If you create a blog post, you can take a snippet and tweet about it, take a picture from your blog add it to instagram with some information or post to facebook with a link to your blog!  linking back to your blog post is great for SEO

Content Ideas

Content idea examples can Days of the week hashtags, National Awareness days, Competitions, Anniversaries, Work information, motivational quotes, tips, behind the scenes, product information, industry information and much more…

Remember Quality over quantity is important when it comes to posting content. 

Check out this Hootsuite Blog for more content ideas and tips 

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prepare your posts

Once you have your monthly plan finalised you can start collecting stock images, creating graphics, memes and gathering the information required to go with each post.

You can schedule your posts ahead of posting time using online schedulers such as Hootsuite. 

Certain times will be better to post on different platforms for your audience, you can find these times suggested online by Socialmediatoday.  Always try out different times and check your insights for your audience.

If you want to save more time why not outsource some of these jobs to a Virtual Assistant.

Outsource it

You can use your content calendar to get help creating social media content with Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant can help you create infographics, memes, graphics to showcase your products / services and much more.

Social Media that can be outsourced

  • Set up profile /page
  • Post / schedule posts
  • Create graphics / image / banners
  • Research hashtags
  • Be admin/moderator
  • Follow your plan
  • Run promotions & campaigns
  • Respond to messages
  • Help with content planning

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