Top 5 benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant

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If “there just is not enough hours in the day” is a familiar saying, then a Virtual Assistant may be the answer to your problems.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a reliable professional who can work remotely for your business, providing an array of services, on a flexible basis. They come with a wealth of knowledge and experience that can really help your business thrive.

hiring a virtual assistant can in fact be more advantageous than hiring an employee

High recruitment costs, costly training and Human Resource issues are common problems for all businesses. Hiring a Virtual Assistant will eliminate these issues.

Virtual Assistant help you live, work and create

top 5 benefits

  1. Reducing your costs
  2. Give you more time
  3. Flexibility for your business
  4. Business gains human skills it requires
  5. Improvements in business

Lets look at these benefits in more detail…

1. reduce your costs

Hiring a Virtual Assistant instead of employees will reduce your overheads and save your business money by eliminating the need to pay for…..

  • Holiday Pay
  • Sick days
  • Employee Taxes
  • Office space and equipment
  • Training costs
  • Recruitment costs

Not only will you save money not hiring employees but furthermore save time on recruiting, training and dealing with HR issues.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant will give you the flexibility to only hire someone as and when required, therefore no work required – no money to be paid.

2. give you more time

By offloading your work and reducing your to do lists you get more time to concentrate on what you do best..

  • Running the company
  • Networking
  • Work Life Balance
  • The important tasks

No more hours wasted reading emails, carrying out admin, researching online, gathering quotations, searching for new clients… hours can literally be added to your day to concentrate on what is important.

3. Flexibility for your business

There is No commitment, hire a Virtual Assistant only when required. With the added benefit if you feel they are not a fit for your business there is no ongoing commitment.

The needs of your business can vary just as much as your income. One month you may need an assistant to work on an event coming up or carry out travel research, the next month you may need an assistant to create bespoke documents.

The needs of a business change so much, hiring one person for everything is not possible. Having the flexibility of Virtual Assistants brings this benefit to your business.

4. gaining skills for your business

You have access to a huge talent pool. Virtual Assistants work remotely, therefore you aren’t relying on local talent, additionally it reduces risk of that talent already being snapped up by competitors.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant for skills that they are proficient in can bring many benefits to your business.

Want someone who can create a website and carry out updates when required? A Virtual assistant with this skill can do this on a continual basis more efficiently and at a low cost without need for an in-house assistant. They will help you achieve a website that will attract clients and promote your business.

5. improvements in your business

Increased brand recognition, business sales and new clients… A Virtual Assistant can help your business achieve this by promoting your brand online, creating marketing material and carrying out the research for potential clients or your market. Or alternatively you carry out this important marketing and have a Virtual Assistant take care of your to do list.

A Virtual Assistant can find you tender opportunities or new clients, they can update a website or use social media to reach out to potential clients.

A Virtual Assistant with a wealth of knowledge can also help with project planning, or creating new internal systems that will help the business run more efficiently.

what are you waiting for?

By now you will be aware of the top 5 benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant. There are many more and they can make a world of difference to you and your business, and could be vital to your success!

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