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Tell a story! No matter what you are selling you are still telling a story in order to reach your ideal client/customer. Are you old/new/reusable/handmade/sustainable? A strong concept will help to tell this story without looking like every other competitor of yours in the market. Your story should be a combination of you (or your business ideals) alongside what your business creates/sells. This concept development helps your story go from – ‘I sell rings’ to ‘I lovingly create rings by hand, ensuring that no two pieces are alike for a truly unique gift’. 

Think Nike’s swoosh icon and tagline ‘just do it’, Instagram’s simplified camera, Pixar’s bouncing lamp, Rolling Stones mouth emblem. 

2 - LOGO

Think about where your logo will be seen. Yes on your social media pages and yes on your website. Will it also be seen as PART of your product and therefore on display in someone’s home or clothing? If so, will the logo enhance or take away from the product itself?

Think of the Louis Vuitton monogram, the Nike swoosh and the Victoria Secret monogram and wordmark. 


Remember you are not only selling a product but also an experience. If your product will be purchased as a gift for someone then think of that experience from start to finish. What does that experience say from the moment the shipping box arrives (does it have branded tape?), to the protective wrapping paper (is it a colour that compliments the logo?), the gift box (does it contain your logo or an element of your identity to identify it as your genuine brand?). Also is there a handwritten branded thank you card to the customer from you or a loyalty card offering a discount off their next order? 

All of these small items are TOUCHPOINTS and mini advertisements for you and your company. They don’t only tell your customer who you are but also how seriously committed you are to your brand. 

Think of the Victoria Secret striped shopping bag and Pandora’s pink ribbon on their gift bags. 


Consistency is key! With so many businesses vying for your potential customers time and money you need to install a feeling of trust. This can be achieved in part by consistency. The more someone notices your brand then the more likely they are to trust you. With consistent identity usage through your colours, typography, logo and message you are becoming more recognisable and reliable. 

Going forward your identity should touch everything you work on from promotional items and marketing, to your website. A skilled WEBSITE designer will utilise all of the concepts (and keywords) from stage 1. The imagery from stage 2. The colours, fonts and message from stage 3 to ensure a strong implementation of your brand and message. 

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