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What Is A Link Landing Page?

In this post when I refer to a Link Landing Page, it is a standalone web page created specifically for visitors of your social media account after they click on a link or button. 

Instagram – Through a link, with only one link available why not divert this link to your website with a list of options for your viewer to enable them to see what you have to offer.

Facebook – Add a ‘learn more’ button with list of options for your user.

What Is

Linktree is a tool that offers you a customisable landing page, which can be used on all of your social media platforms.

This link page is totally separate from your own website, but can act as middle man between your social media account and your website 

Why You Should Create Your Own Link Landing Page?

There are many reasons building your own Link page rather than using Linktree is beneficial to you and your business.

Why drive traffic from your social media to a domain owned by Linktree? – get it directly to your site, more traffic to your site is better for your Google rankings. You can also use your google analytics to get more insights into this traffic.

Creating your own landing page allows you to use the colours and styles of your brand with the ability to fully customise the page in every detail.

It also gives you full control to add any content you want. Better still, you can  add dynamic content – such as recent posts which means you do not have to go back and update your links every time you create new posts.

Creating your own page gives you so many more options, I have my page set up to be fully responsive, if a user clicks the link whilst browsing on a desktop it will look slightly different – instead of buttons it will have Call To Action boxes. I find this works great for Facebook.

Your design can be as elaborate or as minimalist as you like, allowing you to cater to your specific needs. 

On my facebook page I have a  ‘Learn More’ Button on my profile which takes the user directly to this page. View my page Here

Advantages Include

What Should You Include On Your page?

There is no right or wrong answer here – where do you want your social media followers to go?

I like to include links to my recent posts, sign up for my newsletter, my services page, direct link to my web design page. 

The main aim of this page is to share your most important links to your audience.

Ideas of what you can include

Web Design Belfast

5 steps to create tour very own link landing page

So How do you create your own Links landing page?

 If you are used to Elementor and WordPress it will as easy 5 step process. 

A Lot of other platforms can be used using the same principles – you can check out Elementor tutorials on youtube or on their site.

If you would like a more bespoke page for your business – I can design these in line with your brand, for prices or any other advice please contact me.

5 Steps To Creating Your Page In Elementor

Web Designer Northern Ireland
1. Create A
New Page

In WordPress go to Dashboard > Pages > New Page

2. disable Page Title, Site Header & Footer

You dont want to confuse visitor with menu options and footer info. Navigate to the right of the page settings under Theme Settings /page attributes and tick the options to disable title, footer and header

Then Click ‘edit with elementor’

3. Customise Your

Create a simple header, use your brand colours and style

Use sections to add in your content

section each for button links, social media, posts etc

4. Add Links

Add Your links

I use button widget on justified to go full width using brand colours and linking to where I want my visitor to go.

I also embed mailchimp code for newsletter sign up.

5. Publish

Hit Publish

Dont forget to add the link to your Instagram bio.

Need Help To Build A Link Landing Page That Gets Results

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