How To Set Up Your Domain And Web Hosting With Siteground

Your website requires a domain name and web hosting, although they are two different services they work together to make your website possible.  

There are many service providers that provide both, I prefer to have them both with the same company as it’s easier to manage in terms of updates and renewals.

Alternatively you can purchase them from two separate companies. However, in this instance you would have to point your domain name to your web hosting company by editing its DNS settings. 

I will explain further some tips for choosing both and how to set it up using my preferred host SiteGround*

domain name

A Domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browsers URL bar to visit your website. eg

A domain name should match the person or business it represents. I have listed below my top tips for choosing your domain name

web hosting

Web Hosting is the place where all the files of your website live. It is extremely important you chose a good host for a number of reasons, so always check on speed, backups, security, SSL and support.

I highly recommend SiteGround (affiliate link) – I have used 3 previous Hosting companies and I find SiteGround to be faster, more secure and their 24/7 consistent and fantastic support is invaluable. 

Setting Up Your Hosting & Domain With Siteground

  1. Go to SiteGround*
  2. Click on Web Hosting – Get Started

3. Choose your plan – if only one website go for the start up

4. Choose your Domain – register a new domain or click I already have a domain and enter domain

5. Review your choices, enter your details and set up your account

Now For The Fun Part... Designing
Your Website

To learn how I can create an affordable professional website yo showcase your business and get results check out my Web Design Services

*SiteGround * is an affiliate link throughout this post. I recommend SiteGround based on my experience and all the benefits it has!

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