12 FREE ways to drive traffic to your website

drive traffic to website

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Traffic on your website gives you the opportunity to sell your products, grow awareness of your brand, provide information, generate leads & more!

However, In order to achieve any of the above, you need to ensure the traffic is coming to your site! Here are 12 ideas to help you generate more traffic to your site!

website traffic ideas

12 Traffic generating ideas

1. Blog Posts

Companies who blog get 97% more links to their websites.[Optinmonster] 

Therefore, Blog posts with good quality content can attract a lot of visitors. Blog posts can help keep your website fresh, relevant and therefore help your website rank in Google and other search engines.

2. Guest Blog Posts

Guest posts are great for attracting visitors, this can work 2 ways

1. You Create Post for another website

Creating posts for other websites that reaches your target audience, will not only create a backlink to your site which helps with SEO, but can also attract visitors of the other website to click to your site, who will want to read more of your great valuable content!

2. Inviting Others To Create Posts On Your Site

Having guest posts on your site from others helps diversify your content with different topics. This can also work when the guest shares the article with their network, resulting in new traffic to your site!

3. On Page SEO

The first page of Google captures 71% of search traffic clicks [forbes], therefore it makes sense to work on your content. Work on your on page SEO on static pages and optimise your blog posts for SEO to help get you found!

Tip: Remember to carry out keyword research and place keywords you want to be found for within your content including title tag, H1 heading, optimise your images, image file name and alt text, and meta description, and always naturally within the content.

4. Social Media

Creating good content across the social media platforms can peak interest, raise awareness of your brand and drive traffic to your website!

Tip: Remember to place your website links in bios and posts

5. Google Business Profile

Your Business Profile is a free tool that allows you to take charge of the way your business appears on Google Search and Maps. With your Business Profile, you can connect with customers, post updates, list your products and services, accept online orders, and more. This will help with local SEO, attracting local visitors to your site!

6. Business Listing Sites

Adding your details to local directories or networking sites, can create backlinks that people may find when searching for your service or product within those sites.

7. Webinars

Creating webinars of interest, and sharing links can boost your brand, attract visitors to your site, these can also educate your target market and generate leads!

8. Podcasts

Become a guest on a podcast, by speaking about what you do and sharing your knowledge, it can grow your brand, create referral traffic and links. 

If you want to host your own podcast on your website, use this as an opportunity to cover more keywords and attract people to your site by advertising it.

9. Networking/ Speaking opportunities

Attending networking events is great to hand out your details including that of your site, if you are given the chance to speak at the event, will be a great opportunity to gain exposure for you and your site!

10. Email Newsletter

You can use emails to promote your content, whilst enticing them to click on links to read more!

11. Collaboration with other brands

Working with other brands that target similar audience, you can promote to each others audience. Wider network of people who may click to view your site!

12. Create A FREE tool

Creating a free tool such as a calculator ( examples include BMI, mortgage calculator, age, product configurator & more) or an online quiz can attract people to your site.

tip: you can also use this tool to capture leads by getting an email address same time!


There are many other ways you can increase traffic including paid google Ads, Facebook paid Ads, or pay an expert. You can work with a web designer to create a website or work on an existing site to ensure your website is technically optimised for SEO! 

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