How to Make a good first impression on your website

By Mary McGuigan

It’s one thing to constantly have to think about our image from a style perspective but what about the image we hold online? Perhaps someone is  searching for someone in your industry – how do you tell them who you are and what you’re about within those first few seconds before they carry on down the other searches?

While creating a web design that aligns with your business is an excellent start, time should be spent creating that perfect first impression on all your pages. Below lists a few points to think about for your website:

1. An Introductory Video

An introductory video – is one of the fastest ways to understand what someone’s business is all about. It’s also an opportunity to use open posture ie leaning in when you talk, hand gestures. These nonverbal cues can make a powerful subconscious impact and are a great way of establishing that initial relationship with a potential customer.

2. Authentic Photos

Authentic photos – Yes we all make the extra effort for photoshoots but don’t wear something you would never normally wear. If it’s a corporate job you do, traditional suits will be appropriate authoritative wear and what your customer would be looking for especially if you work in the Accounting, Legal or Banking industry. Other industries will want to see what you do or photographs of treatments if it’s holistic or previous work if it’s photography etc. A photo of you on the About me page making eye contact with your audience is always a good idea.

3. Colour & Font

Colour+Font – The psychology behind colour is so important. You may already have established your branding and logo before coming to do your website but it’s important you consider the vibe and feelings that you want from your brand. Green has always been a colour that represents wellness and healing; gold represents luxury and wisdom both colours are in my own branding because I wanted my business to be able to heal people’s self image issues with a luxury service providing clients with the wisdom to get dressed for their authentic selves. My font is purposely bold caps with handwriting to show that I deal with corporate workshops on professional presentation as well as creative styling sessions.

4. Language

Language – Use language that you would normally use. Your words determine if someone feels comfortable with you or not however a solicitor and a therapist are perhaps not trying to make their potential client feel the same way. One may be demonstrating competence while the other demonstrating compassion – make sure it aligns with who you are and what you do and that the tone flows throughout your website.

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