6 Spooky Halloween Ideas For Your Website

spookify Your Website

Spookify Your Website!

You might decorate your work premises for Halloween, but did you know you can decorate your website too? 
This is a great idea for online retailers who can use the holiday to show creativity, inject some humour into communications and promote your products.
Here are 6 ideas for your WordPress website

1. Add A Spooky Background to a Hero Image

Using spooky scenic backgrounds you can set the scene. Great background images include silhouettes Halloween, graveyards, haunted houses, and much more.

You can find spooky background images to use online in Canva or pixabay

Below, using Elementor, I have set the background of rain (youtube video) and an overlay of a graveyard scene.  

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2. Add Spooky Fonts

Using fonts can be very effective and a very easy change to make, but remember try to only change the title font and not body as you want your text to still be readable. Check out these 4 spooky fonts..

Henny Penny




3. Use Spooky Colours

Halloween puts me in mind of black and orange, dark skies using gradients of back and dark blue, contrasting black with yellow or orange writing, but you can get creative as you like, there are many colour pallettes to be found online 

for example, check out this colour palette from Canva.

Below I have used #E39D28 for the writing and icon colours

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4. Spookify Your Forms

Another changeable element within your site is your forms.

Why not bring your form back to life by changing the fields  background to black, include some spooky fonts, add a spooky background or  a halloween image.

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5. Spookify Your Logo

There are plenty of changes you can do to your logo, ideas include changing the font, adding spooky images or change the colour.

6. Add A Halloween Image

You can get spooky adding vampires, witches or pumpkin.

Are You Ready To trick or treat?

Halloween is also great idea to add holiday theme campaign, sale, discount etc get creative with your landing pages, pop ups and blog posts.

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