how to write a Meta Title & Description to get results

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What is a Meta Title And Description?

Meta Title

Text that will appear on search engine result pages and browser tabs to indicate the content of a webpage

Meta Description

Under meta title on search engine results page, it is a snippet to summarise and a chance to entice visitors to your webpage.

Why are they important?

A convincing meta title and description will improve your organic click-through rate and bring more visitors to your website. 

Organic click-through rate refers to the percentage of users who click on your link in a search engine result

As more people click on your post, Google will rate your content as more relevant to that keyword and rank you higher for it. better SEO!

The higher you are in Google,  increases the chance of more website visitors, thus more chance to grow your business.


Googles Meta
Title & Description

My Web Design page when searching for Web Deigner Belfast

How to write a meta title

When using Yoast, your Meta Title by default will be site title, page title, and tagline. However you can change this. A mistake a lot of people make is to put your website name at beginning here. This wil not only help search engines match your content to searches but more importantly, help the user to decide if they want to click on your page, i.e. is it what they are looking for.

My top tips for writing your Meta title

How to write a meta Description

When using Yoast, your Meta Title by empty, so you need to complete this, make sure its inviting, with keywords and mentions your benefits the user will find if they click the link. It is extremely important for attracting clicks, Google doesn’t use directly in their rankings but as mentioned above, it will help with your Click thru rate than will help your SEO.

My top tips for writing your Meta description

Once you have created your meta description and title, it is good practice to check your insights to see if they are working for you.

Are you getting traffic to your website, are people clicking on your link? 

If not try changing the wording.

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