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Numerous reports have surfaced regarding phishing emails purportedly sent by the WordPress team, cautioning recipients about a Remote Code threat.

These deceptive emails urge individuals to download a so-called “Patch” plugin and install it. To avoid delving into technical intricacies, it is essential to understand that installing this plugin enables attackers to establish a persistent presence, affording them various means of access. This, in turn, grants them complete control over your WordPress site, including the web user account on the server.

A critical vulnerability on the site: websiteaddress, has been identified by the WordPress Security Team.

The detected Remote Code Execution (RCE) high-risk vulnerability on your site can lead to the execution of malicious code, jeopardizing your data, user information, and overall site security.

We strongly recommend you to install the CVE-2024-46188 Patch immediately, as we are diligently working to fix this critical security threat in the upcoming WordPress update.

Click the button below to download the plugin, and then proceed to install and activate it on your site. This guarantees a fast and easy protection against potential exploits and malicious actions related to this vulnerability.

Word From WordPress security team will never email you

The WordPress Security Team is aware of multiple ongoing phishing scams impersonating both the “WordPress team” and the “WordPress Security Team“ in an attempt to convince administrators to install a plugin on their website that contains malware.

The WordPress Security Team will never email you requesting that you install a plugin or theme on your site, and will never ask for an administrator username and password.

If you receive an unsolicited email claiming to be from WordPress with instructions similar to those described above, please disregard the emails and indicate that the email is a scam to your email provider.

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