5 tips for a strong call to action to get results

call to action

Each website/landing page has a goal, not to look pretty but to get your visitor to do something.

This may be booking in your services, buying a product, making an appointment or signing up to an email list. This is where a Call to action can help!

What is a Call To Action (CTA) ?

A CTA is a tool, a prompt to guide your visitor into taking a specific action that you want them to take. This action is based on the goal of the web page. 

This could be to navigate visitor to another area/page of the site, sign up to your newsletter, view your products, or something else.

A CTA provides clarity to the user on what to do next! without clarity some users may not know the next steps to take and leave your site. Psychologically people like direction on what to do next.

Ultimately, a CTA can keep visitors on your site longer, move them along the sales process, grow leads and therefore increase your sales and grow your business.

What Does a Call To Action Look Like?

A CTA can be direct request in button form such as ‘buy now’ or ‘click here’. It could be in anchor text, or a form on your page. It could also be in a pop up, or an image CTA.

So what will make your call to action successful? and how will you get the user to click? it comes down to 2 main things… the copy and the design.

Your copy should be enticing, you could include an offer, create suspense, ultimately you need to give someone a reason to click. However, if the design isn’t right, your CTA could get lost.. 

5 tips for strong cta

1. Make It Stand Out

Your CTA should be easy to locate, and stand out from the other elements of the page.
Use bright colours for buttons or links, use clear legible text, white space, and test different button shapes.

There isn't one perfect CTA design for every situation, it is best to experiment with different button shapes, copy & colours.

2. Short & Concise

Keep it short, brief, concise, catchy and persuasive.

3. Use Strong Verbs

Use strong action verbs, representing the action you want the site visitor to take. eg Get started, Sign Up, Shop, Order, Download, Subscribe, Grow, Learn.

Check out Optinmonster 700 power words to get you started.

4. Give Them A Reason to click

Give your visitor a reason to click your CTA, what's in it for them? will they be able to save time, will they get something for free, or will they find out some infromation that can help them achieive someting?

5. keep testing

Keep testing your CTA to see what works with your target audience.

You will know you found the right one as the data will tell you!

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