How To Back Up Your Website to prevent loss of data

Why Should You BackUp Your Website?

Failure to backup your website can be disastrous! if something goes wrong, with no back up your site could be gone. This will cost you time and money! 

What can go wrong on your website?

  • Security issues
  • Mistake such as deleting work you have spent time on
  • Host might have failure involving loss of data
  • New update may cause issues on your site
  • Plugin incompatibility

If your site goes down you could lose all of that and this can really affect your business! Having a backup in place is a must to prevent you from losing your site.

How Often Should You Backup your website?

This depends on a number of things

  1. How often your sites content changes (blog posts, images, downloads, static pages)
  2. Frequency updates – themes, WordPress, plugins
  3. User interaction frequency – comments, reviews, forms, purchases and more
If you have a static portfolio site with no changes at all a monthly backup should be sufficient. However if you have site that you change your content, create blogs or gain a lot of comments your best bet would be to have a daily backup.

If you have a busy WooComerce store you will want real-time back up solution to save any changes or order updates straight away. VaultPress Jetpack backup is a good option for this.

How To backup your website

Web Designer Belfast

3 main options

  1. Manual backup 
  2. Plugin
  3. Host backup  

1. Manual Backup

If you prefer or need to do manual back up you will need to back up your files and database.

1.1 Download your files

Get your FTP credientials from your host and download files via FTP or CPanel file manager.

Using FTP Client such as filezilla this will download files to local computer. Check out Siteground tutorial for using FTP Client

1.2 Download your database

Using phpMYadmin (or equivalent) download your database by going to your database and export, select quick & SQL

2. Plugin

Updraft Plus provides a free and paid version for backing up your site.  You can set scheduled backups or before carrying out any major changes can do a manual backup. there is also facility for saving your backups to cloud storage such as dropbox, google drive, one drive etc

As mentioned above if you need real time back up you should look for a plugin that provides this such as VaultPress Jetpack backup.

3. Host

This works well if your host is reliable wordpress managed hosting company!

It is one of the reasons why I use Siteground(affiliate link), due to the free daily back up plus 5 manual back ups. Siteground is one of the web hosting services recommended by WordPress


Backing up your website can ensure you are able to recover your website in an emergency. 

Ensuring you keep on top of your maintenance and having good security measures in place for your site is also important.

Want to keep your site safe and secure?

If you don't have the time or knowledge to keep you site updated & safe, get in touch to see how I can help you

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