How Adding FAQ Section Can Benefit Your Website

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There are many reasons adding FAQ (frequently asked questions) on your website can benefit your business. Read on how to make the most of these benefits for your business. 

How can adding a FAQ to your website help Your Business?

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1.FAQ Can Save You Time

Having FAQ on your website can help to reduce the number of repetitive emails/calls you or your staff receive. If the information is online, there is no need to contact for a simple question.

Resulting in less emails, phone calls freeing up time to concentrate on the important aspects of the business. 

2. FAQ Can Increase Visitors To Your Site

FAQ pages continue to be a priority area for SEO.[search engine journal]

Having FAQ on your website can help attract potential clients to your website. FAQ provide relevant content to help search engines understand your business. FAQ is great place to answer questions, use keywords and provide lots of information about your business, your services/products, your industry and much more.

Do your keyword research and find out what your potential clients are searching for, use these specific keyphrases and questions in a detailed and concise answer. As a result your FAQ page will hopefully appear in their search, they get their answer, they therefore see you provide solution to what they were searching for, congratulations, you have gained a new customer.

3.Frequently Asked Questions Provides Good User Experience

Help your visitor find the answers they may be looking for, people want answers quick and fast, ultimately, a FAQ is a great way of doing this.

You can increase the user experience with good navigation, for example within your answer, include a link to the service that provides the solution to their question.

4. Builds Trust

A well-written FAQ can prove your expertise in the field. And furthermore, strengthen your expert reputation. 

It is a great place to answer questions about your business with information, answer questions about products/services you provide. 

Earning trust of your visitors can help convert these visitors to customers.

5. Increase Your Sales

You can streamline navigation through questions, connecting answers to other steps in your sales funnel and direct them to pages that can help to persuade the visitor that they want to buy from you

For example, a restaurant in their FAQ may include “Do You Cater For Vegans”, thus if any vegans visit their website they can see that they can be catered for. Within this section the restaurant owner can place “yes we do, why not view our vegan menu today” with a direct link to the vegan menu. On the menu page having a direct CTA on “book now”. 


A FAQ section on your website can help you save time, Create a better experience, and ultimately generate leads! 

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