How To Maintain Your WordPress Website In 8 Steps

Why Do I need To Maintain My WordPress Website?

It is important to maintain your WordPress website. A bit like a car, if you look after your website well, it should work for years to come. If you don’t keep up with maintenance, issues can pile up and eventually your website might even stop working. 

What Changes Occur That Requires Me To Maintain My WordPress Website?

WordPress, Plugins and the web constantly change. Whether this is new technology, new features, security issues and much more. Your website may constantly change with new content, switching the design, adding new features etc.

Put all those changes together and there is a high risk of something going amiss and your website not working. How to avoid this? keep up to date with your maintenance.

What WordPress Maintenance Do I recommend?

1. Visit Your WordPress Site

wordpress maintenance

Browse your site to ensure it is in working order. I like to do this weekly.

2. Update WordPress, Themes & Plugins

Keep on top of this, this is highly important. Failure to maintain your WordPress can cause security issues or stop it functioning properly. 

3. Moderate Comments


If you have a blog or users on your site, make sure you moderate any comments. Delete spam comments

4. Back up your wordpress website

Ensure you are backing up your site. I use Siteground (affiliate link) and they back up daily.  The optimal backup frequency depends on how often you make changes or add content. If you have a static site with no changes, monthly may be ok. If you are carrying out changes more often then at least weekly, possibly daily would be advised. 

5. Test Your WordPress Forms & Other Functions

wordpres function maintenance

Test your forms to ensure they are working and going to your email account. You do not want to miss out on business if potential clients are sending enquiries but they aren’t coming through to your email. 

6. Change Your WordPress Password

I think it is a great idea to change your password frequently (At least once a year) I change mine quarterly. Remember to use a strong unique password.

7. Audit Your Website Content

wordpress maintenance

Auditing your content is great for improving your rankings in search engines. Use Google Search console etc to help with this. This could include your speed, ensure no broken links etc.

7. Audit Your WordPress Plugins

Delete any unused WordPress plugins. This will help keep your website up to speed and secure

Are you Ready To Maintain Your WordPress Website?

Maintaining your website may seem like extra work, but it will pay off, keeping your website functional for years to come.

Dont have time to maintain your WordPress website? I carry out website maintenance for clients starting from £28 per month. You can view more about my web design services.


Want Help Maintaning Your Website?

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