WordPress Plugins you need for your business website

Plugins can help improve the overall function of your business website! 

There are a large number of available plugins both free and paid for WordPress.org sites, that can help your website achieve the functionality it requires!

First let’s look at what a plugin is…

What is a plugin?

A WordPress plugin is a piece of software that “plugs into” your WordPress site. Plugins can add new functionality or extend existing functionality on your site, allowing you to create virtually any kind of website, from ecommerce stores to portfolios to directory sites.[hubspot ]

What Plugins do You Need For Your Business Website?

The plugins you need depend on the functionality your website requires.

The type of plugins most websites will benefit from include

How to Add your plugin

Go to Dashboard > Plugin > Add New

You can search by keyword for your plugin, some premium plugins will have to be purchased directly and uploaded using the ‘Upload plugin’ button.

How To Choose Your Plugin

There are many plugins for WordPress, and you may find it hard choosing which one is the best fit for your site!

The plugin box will show how many installations, ratings, last updated and if it has been tested with your version of WordPress. You can view further information by going to the WordPress plugin page, to view this click ‘more details’.

Here are some things you should look at when deciding what plugin to chose

  1. Your requirement – providing the functionality you need. 
  2. Compatibility – has it been tested with latest version of WordPress?
  3. Last updated – look for a plugin that is frequently updated, at least within past 2 months. Plugins that are not updated regularly could hold security risks or risk breaking in future. 
  4. Active installs – this will give a good indication of how popular a plugin is.
  5. Reviews & Ratings – show what other people think of the plugin
  6. Support – on the plugin page, you can check overview of the number support threads and check are they being resolved.
  7. Check screenshots & FAQ
  8. Test! – Plugins may slow down your website, check your speed before installing plugin and after install.

My favourite plugins

Above are examples of some plugins I use on an average site, not everyone needs all of them eg Don’t install Woocommerce if you don’t need an online store. I use SG if using Siteground, (affiliate link),  if not using Siteground I tend to favor WP Optmize. 


When using plugins you should always remember to 

  1. Use only plugins you need, some plugins such as Elementor Pro means you don’t need an extra plugin for forms as it has this inbuilt. 
  2. Delete unused plugins
  3. Keep plugins up to date

Need Help to improve your website?

Need more functionality and dont know where to start? get in touch for a free quotation on how I can help your website grow!

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