My first role as guest speaker – top tips for your business website

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guest speaker: top tips for your website

Yesterday was my first guest speaker role as owner of @zcmdigital

I spoke at an e-commerce workshop at @ardsbusinesshubltd giving some tips for creating, designing & maintaining a website

Was I nervous? Yes… but as I started I realised I was enjoying myself, talking about something you love makes it so much easier.

I am celebrating this as a win, a milestone, doing something I was afraid to do.

I am very passionate about websites, web design and creating website for small business owners, this was a fantastic opportunity. 

Initially i was nervous, but pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is the only way to grow any business.

I love sharing my tips to business owners for their website, and I love using my website as a platform to do this.

Some of my recent top tips that you may find useful 


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