How Can you Use Hicks Law To Create A Better User Experience?

What Is Hicks Law?

 Hicks Law is a psychological principle which states that the more options are available to a person, the longer it will take for them to make a decision about which option is best. (

How To Utilize this law For A better user experience?

Creating simplicity with fewer options in your design can increase engagement, help lead your site visitor to the intended goal for that page, help with SEO and reduce bounce rate.

Too many options can cause overwhelm for visitors, causing frustration and increasing bounce rate. However, fewer options make it more likely for visitors to make decisions, whether that be purchasing a product, getting in touch, signing up to a mailing list, or booking a service.

What can you do with your design to decrease overwhelm and increase engagement?

  • Simplify your navigation menu with fewer options
  • Ensure Forms aren’t too long
  • Stick to one goal per page and focus on one CTA per page
  • Bite-size information
  • Break lengthy content into smaller chunks
  • Be creative in presenting the facts, using images, graphs, icons, etc
  • Follow basic design principles to ensure your page isn’t cluttered and your message is clear on your website


Using the principle of Hicks Law can help you create a simple, straightforward, and clear website that will increase the user experience and increase the likelihood of the site visitor carrying out the intended action and therefore reaching the intended goal of that page. Remember less is more!

How Can I Help with this?

I create websites for my clients that are bespoke, I specialize in designing sites to ensure the message is clear with the ulitmate user experience.

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