4 Reasons Why A Great Website Is Never Finished

Your website has just gone live, it looks amazing.. Is it time to put your feet up and let the website bring in the business?

Sorry to be bearer of bad news but …No…

In reality.. A great website is never finished

A website is your online platform for marketing your business, and like any other important aspect of your business, it needs to be maintained and refined on an ongoing basis.

Why is Your website Never Finished?

Failure to keep your website updated can result in you losing potential and current customers to your competitors.

That’s the consequence, here is the why..

 Trends, technology, security threats, your business, products, visitors habits and search engines are constantly changing and evolving. Therefore, if your website doesn’t change and evolve, your business will miss out.

Let’s look at the top 4 reasons in a bit more detail.

1. Technology changes & Security Threats

Older websites will not have up to date technology, therefore will look unprofessional. The website will not be responsive on mobile phones and tablets. 

Your website may look behind the times, especially if your competitors have better functionality on their sites. 

This will not only affect your SEO rankings, but the user experience for your visitor.

Furthermore, if your website is not updated regularly, it may be more prone to cyber attacks, it may have functional errors, and it may even stop working.  

This will cost you time, money and sales, losing business to your competitor.

This is why it is super important to maintain your website.

2. Your Business, products or services change

Your business branding may change, you may add new products, or you may no longer carry out a service that is listed on your website. 

Failure to have correct information will make you look unprofessional, but it can also cost you business… If your service isn’t listed and a competitor has it listed they will become choice.

Your website is showcasing your business to the world, therefore, it is extremely important that your website should be kept up to date and reflect your business.

3. Site Visitors expectations

A slow, unclear, badly laid out website with lack of navigation will deter visitors from staying on your website. As a consequence, your competitor will gain this sale.

People want information fast, everyone is busy and they want to find the solution to their problem as quick as they can, if they cant find it on your site they will move on to your competitors. Therefore, it is super important that your website not only loads fast, but that your content is clear and concise.

It is also extremely important that your website has good design, layout and navigation, all of which contribute towards good user experience.

4. Google & Other Search Engines

If you don’t keep up to date with search engines ever changing algorithms, and ensuring your website is optimised, your website will be penalised and fall down the rankings. This will certainly cause you to lose out to your competitors. 

Top tip: Always check your insights on google search console or google analytics. The new Search Console Insights is great, so much valuable information about your site visitors.

Also importantly, ensure you have been carrying out keyword research, you are providing good quality content, using SSL certificate, and your site is fully responsive.

Need to Update Your Site But Dont Know How?

I provide my web design clients with a generic user guide, this enables my clients to update their websites themselves. One of the many reasons I use WordPress for my clients, it is user friendly, allowing clients to carry out updates without the need to hire a web designer. 

However, it is learning curve people do not have time for or they need to concentrate on other areas of their business. This is where I can help, I can carry out website maintenance, revamps and rebuilds…

Does your website need an update, revamp or rebuild?

Sometimes all your website needs is some new content, a few tweaks or added information. But there are times your website may need a revamp or rebuild….

It really depends on how your website functions and what you want your website to achieve. Sometimes it is cheaper and quicker to build a new website than updating an old current site.

Why not book a consultation with me today and we can discuss the best way to update your site?

Want To Ensure Your Website Is Kept Up To Date?

I can carry out monthly maintenance, carry out revamps, build you a new website, create blog posts and much more.. sign up to my newsletter below for up to date news and tips or get in touch today

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