5 Reasons I Use WordPress For My Clients Sites

WordPress is a Content management system that powers over 1/3 worlds websites.  When designing websites, I use WordPress to create professional websites to showcase my clients products/services and generate leads. You can view some examples of websites I have created.

One of my recent posts conveyed the many reasons why it is important for any business to have a website, but a well built and designed website is also important. 

There are many reasons I use WordPress to create websites for my clients, but this post focuses on the benefits to my clients.

Web Designer NI

1. Affordable Web Design

WordPress is free, thus making it affordable website, no need to purchase software or Content Management Systems.  It also allows me to work smarter, ensuring the client never has large billable hours. The only costs are for my time and hosting and domain. 

2. User Friendly Website

WordPress is easy to use and understand without any coding knowledge. Therefore, instead of paying a web developer to update their website, my clients are able to log in themselves and make simple updates.

3. Rank In Google

WordPress has quite a few advantages when it comes to SEO e.g.the use of title and heading tags. It also has the ability to easily add alt tag for images, has generally fast load time and the ease to comply with Google’s mobile optimisation standard. There are also many SEO optimisation plug-ins available. This helps to rank my clients websites in Google, leading to more leads and conversions. 

4. Flexible Website

WordPress has an extensive database of plugins available for free, so my clients website can gain functionality at a couple clicks of the button. This is great for my clients, meaning as their business may change, their website can grow and adapt with them. 

5. Secure Website

There is only one WordPress core, and it’s maintained by a world-class security team. Cyber Security is extremely important and any downtime can be harmful to any business. 

Why WordPress...

In summary, WP benefits my clients by gaining affordable professional websites that are fully flexible and can adapt or grow with their business needs. Clients can also get involved with maintaining the site themselves, thus saving them more money in the future. 

With Digital marketing being an important part of growing businesses in todays world, WordPress can help my clients rank in Google, thus gaining more leads. With good design and copy these websites can convert these leads to sales.

Using WordPress allows me to specialise in creating professional affordable websites to my clients within Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK. 

Want a website that is easy top maintain, can grow with your business ?

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