7 Questions You Need To Answer to Get Conversions!

convert your website visitors

You have a limited time to hook your website visitors and keep them on your site.

How to do this? By answering their questions and keeping them interested

Therefore, you are more likely to keep the visitors on your site and gain conversions!

These questions are part of your visitor’s journey when deciding if you are trustworthy and if they want to do business with you. They need to be taken into consideration when planning your content!

Here are the 7 questions you must answer

1. What Do You Do?

What services or products do you offer? This seems like a no-brainer… but some sites struggle to make this completely clear…

Top tip – include a few lines of copy in the hero, this should summarise what you do

2. Why Should I care?

What benefit is it to the visitor?

How will using your service or buying your products solve their pain points, and make their lives easier?

This is where you communicate your value proposition! Thus, appealing to them emotionally and rationally.

You are promoting your service/product to inspire your visitor to buy it

3. What’s your Cost?

Can they navigate easily on your site to find costs, or find out how they can get a cost for a bespoke service?

Product costs – ensure they are visible and make it noticeable when offering discounts.

Bespoke Costs – Make it clear how to get in touch with you, perhaps, embed a form that seeks the information required so you can easily come back with a cost.

4. Why You?

You are likely to have a lot of competition, so you have to make clear what makes you special! why choose you and not your competitors?

This is where you focus on your unique brand identity, a quick summary and show what makes you special

5. What do other people say?

This is Social proof when you are wanting to purchase something, you may find yourself between 2 products if one has a 2-star rating and one has a 5-star rating, which one are you likely to choose?

There are many ways of establishing social proof, including your customer reviews on your website, ( include images of customers to build more trust) you can also include logos of brands you work with, product reviews on your site, and influencer endorsements

6. Can I Trust you?

If someone emails me from a Gmail account with no website or website that has little information on that person, I am hugely skeptical and will not work with them.

People are skeptical, that is a fact. So how can you win them over

To do this, here are a few things you should include in your website…

  • image of you and information about yourself.
  • A physical address and phone number
  • Include links to policies,
  • provide information on t&cs,
  • accreditations

7. How Can I Do Business With You?

Make sure you have good navigation!

Don’t just place the link to the contact page within the footer and main menu, consider placing this in areas of your call to action in buttons and embed forms.


Any successful website needs good content and good design, they are a dynamic duo, the design elevates the copy and the content speaks to people and gets conversions!

These questions and your answers should be considered when planning your written content!

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